The Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him

Valentine's day is about to come and it is time to search for Valentine's day ideas. Some people said that in Valentine's Day, it is man’s duty to give a present to women, but of course, if we can give a present to our partner because Valentine is all about expressing love. Choosing a gift for him can be more complicated than choosing a gift for our girl friend or mother. Here are some recommended Valentine's day gift ideas for him. We find these products on Amazon, so we can get a wide selection based on his taste and of course, so we can save money.

Personalized Photo Frame:

Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For HimWith this gift, we will be able to show how meaningful he is in our life. We can put the photo of our partner and us together. The photo will also remain him of the old times. Unlike the regular gift, a Valentine's gift should be related to romanticism. Since it is Valentine’s Day gifts for him, then we should wrap it in the right way and personalized photo frame is romantic, but not too much.

Romantic DVDs:

Every man is having his romantic side, so we don’t have to be afraid to give him a romantic DVD. It will be so perfect if we are having a specific romantic movie we used to watch together in the old times. Buying the DVD will remind him on the romantic moment and of course put a smile on his face. An alternative is wrapping the memorable videos of our partner and us in one DVD. It is definitely one of the most romantic Valentine's day gift ideas for him.

Bottle of Red Wine:

Red wine means celebration and there isn’t better celebration than the celebration of love. It can be one of the perfect Valentine's Day ideas. We can choose the high quality red wine and sent it to his home. Put a red ribbon on the neck bottle and of course a card. It will show that we are celebrating our love and it will be great if it is followed by a dinner.


If women are crazy to shoes, then men have such passion to watch. Maybe it is because watch is the only jewelry that men can wear. Well, men can also wear bracelet or necklace, but not all of them feel comfortable with it. However, when it comes to watch, then all men can fall in love with it. If we are having quite a high budget, then we can buy luxurious watch or one he wants for a long time.

Personalized Playing Cards:

If women love playing on her boudoir with the make up, then men love playing cards, moreover with their friends. There are so many special cards available in the market and we can buy one suit their hobby. If we want to make it more romantic, then we can make a custom card with our photos on the card. Therefore, when he plays the card, he will remember about us. This is one of the creative Valentine's Day ideas we should consider.

Home Baked Cake:

If we want to win a man’s heart, then we have to win his stomach. Well, it might look like an old philosophy and the fact now is that not all women are even cooking their own meal. This is the point, if he knows that we don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen and he finds out that we work very hard to make his a cake, he will definitely give a great appreciation. He will appreciate our cake so much, but we are definitely recommended to learn how to bake before making the special cake.

Music Equipment:

For men who love music and can play musical instrument, then music equipment can be a perfect choice. There are a wide range of music instrument or accessories to choose like drum guitar, iPod, MP3 players and many others. If we want to make the gift unique, then we can search for music instrument gadgets. There are so many new innovations available such as sensor guitar. It can be perfect Valentine's day gift ideas for him to impress.

Dozen Roses:

Most of us think that roses are for women, but actually men do appreciate roses as well and it can be one of the Valentine's day gift ideas for him. Since this is Valentine's, then we can choose dozen roses as a gift. The roses will make him feel so special. To make the bouquet looks more masculine, then we can choose white, green or blue wrapper or pot instead of pink.

Box of Dark Chocolates:

Not only is the love of chocolate dominated by women, but also men. Well, women are more expressive to something they love like chocolate and it makes a perception that the biggest consumer of chocolate is women, but actually men love chocolate just like women. Of course, since it is a special day, then the chocolate should be special too. We can give Valentine’s Day gifts for him a unique chocolate or simply a box of chocolate.


For men who love reading, then book is their passion. Since this is a Valentine's Day, then we should not give him science fiction or mystery books or novels. Be careful when choosing a romantic novel for men because not all men enjoy romanticism in a book. Choose one that teaches him the value of love. With the right book, we will give impressive Valentine’s Day gifts for him.